Sunday, 19 February 2017

Next Meeting: 7pm Sunday 19th March - Suzie's House

The challenge for March's meeting is to listen to an audiobook (free-choice) - the library has a good selection on CD if you need.

The book for this time was The Rescue Man, by Anthony Quinn.

This book really split the group.

Lesley enjoyed it, and said she is looking forward to learning more about Liverpool, and would like to visit the library described in the story, although she said that while she found the ending 'satisfying', it wasn't the ending she had wanted.

Most other people have either not yet finished, or have given up. One of the most common reasons was the use of obscure words, one particular word selected by at least two people was 'dilatoriness' (to save you looking it up, it is another word for procrastination), and that was on the first page.

For the members who hadn't finished (and aren't going to), Lesley kindly described the end of the plot, and a few people will try to finish the book before next time.

[If you still have your copy, please could you return it to any Halton library before 28th February?]

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