Thursday, 9 November 2017

Next Meeting: Sunday 12th November, 7:30pm The Queen's Head

Reading based on a theme this time, any book set in, or written about WWI or WWII to fit in with our meeting on the evening of Remembrance Sunday.

As last month's meeting was cancelled at short notice, we will still be able to discuss Catch 22, by Joseph Heller and Lines of Justice: AΕΎdaja, by Lee Sherred - although the Skype session with Lee Sherred has been postponed until sometime in the new year.

Copies of Catch 22 from the library's reading group collection have been renewed until 30th November, so you can either bring them along on Sunday for me to take back en masse, or return them individually to the library. As always, please try to hand them into a member of staff, not all of the copies of reading group books are NFC enabled and therefore won't go through the self-scan checkouts, and they're not in general circulation.

In other news, this year's annual book token competition is out, Katy provided the link to it in our facebook group, if you haven't already found it; do feel free to have a go - we can compare scores (and notes) on Sunday!

As always, please return any blind-date-with-a-book books at the meeting and I will have a freshly wrapped selection ready for you.

And can we catch up on who has already had the group writing project and who is yet to have it?

See you all on Sunday.

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