Thursday, 1 February 2018

Next Meeting - 18th February at Sam's House (7:30pm)

As always, the address is available upon request, contact us through our Facebook group, on Twitter or by email.

To celebrate the centenary of The Representation of the People Act, we're each reading a book, of our own choice, about Suffrage.
At our last meeting, we reviewed our Christmas Challenge books...

This proved to be an interesting challenge, with a wide variety of books, of a similarly broad selection of genres. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the books they'd read, and some of us came away with a list of books we now want to read, which is one of the reasons these challenges work so well. 

Here's a list of the books that we read between us;

A book with a fir tree on the cover:

  • A Family Christmas, Katie Flynn
  • The Fir Tree, Hans Christian Andersen (illustrated by Sanna Annukka)
  • The Good Little Christmas Tree, Ursula Moray Williams
  • Murder on Chritstmas Eve, Various authors
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas, Gary Dickinson

A book with a one word title:

  • Lagom, Nikki Brantmark
  • Mozart, Edward Holmes
  • Americanah, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • Sin, Josephine Hart
  • Inquisition, David Gibbins

A book with a red cover:

  • Post Truth, Evan Davies
  • The Nutcracker, E T A Hoffmann (illustrated by Sanna Annukka)
  • The Death of King Arthur, Peter Ackroyd
  • A Novel of Susan, Lee Wilson

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